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Store design & visual merchendising for ONLYCHILD: a shop space inside a converted shipping container within the courtyard of Hackney Downs Studios, East London.


An eclectic, fun and impactful retail design for the ONLYCHILD brand - the brief was, vibrant and somewhat tropical...even under London's grey skies. Using the brands colour's of Kelly green and lilac, the walls, furniture and display pieces were all selected and adapted to reflect the brands identity, colour-blocking gives the small space a strong identity. The space also had to include a small studio area for jewellery making as well as be a fully functioning shop and visual display of the brand's growing product lines.

As well as bold colour, lighting was a big player in this project, the giant neon palm tree light was sourced specifically for the store, originally from Blackpool Illuminations circa 1992, a real visual spectacle visible from outside the glass shop doors. This, together with the Mr Maria x Smiley large floor lamp and the orange neon logo sign gives the whole store a sense of drama.

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